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Tragedie Ann due lying face up on the grass

Music @Mill Road
and La Fab Sur Mill Concert
Tragedy Ann & Basset

Tuesday MAY 17 2022
7PM to 10PM
Tickets $25


Tragedy Ann and Basset, a pair of Ontario-based folk duos, are emerging from the pandemic together to facilitate intimate musical gatherings between Ontario and the Maritimes. They will be intertwining their songs to present a harmony-ridden night of storytelling, transporting listeners to beekeeper’s fields, haunted second-hand store basements, the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and to their hometown communities. Tragedy Ann and Basset’s music answers the call for deeper connection with each other and with the natural world.

Presenting new music recorded during a time of isolation, these concerts will be celebrations of resilience, vulnerability, and community.

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Black and white photo of three musicians and text Songs from a drunken piano - Chanson eminent d'un piano ivre

Songs from a Drunken Piano

June 10, 2022
SHOW: 7PM to 10PM

Concert details

This eclectic unique revue of the music of Tom Waits, the American poet/singer/songwriter features unique arrangements by Christine Fagan,Alise Marlane,Steve Berndt,Ken Kanwisher,Chris Breitner, and Matt Aston.

Tight vocal harmonies are backed by guitar, banjo, blues harp, trombone, accordion, zither, bowed saw, mandolin, cello and many other synthesized keyboard sounds and percussion instruments including a kitchen sink.

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